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  • : Je travaille à créer un blog pouvant servir à la diffusion de ma connaissance du répertoire traditionnel du Québec. Je ne prétends pas tout connaître, je ne suis pas un ethnologue, l'information que j'ai je l'ai obtenue de bouche à oreille.
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23 juin 2007 6 23 /06 /juin /2007 06:05

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Ancien post:

Hello!!  Hi!!  Hola!!

I'm so sorry for the delay but I was very busy writing the next 50 tunes that are gonna join the ones that are already online...  It's done!!!  Ouf! 

That's right, I have 50 new tunes to post on the site now and I'll put them up here on the web two by two  over the summer (when I get a little time off from touring and I'm close to my computer).

Here are two tunes that I showed to some very good people last week in Caledon county, Ontario.  I'm sorry guys and girls:  I have'nt yet found the real name for the false Naphtalie Billette...
(low-fi) version basse déf.:


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glenn patterson 21/04/2013 20:08

Hi there,

Do you know any other sources or titles for the Rêve de Quêteux Tremblay? My friend's dad from Gaspe played this tune in 1978. He had a third part for this tune too. I'm not sure where my friend's dad learned it from, but he was a big fan of Soucy, Allard, Ti-Blanc, and Carrignan. I don't think he would have ever heard Aimé's version because he died in 1997, before Aimé's disc came out unless he recorded it before.

Many thanks! Loving the tunes here.

elizabeth szekereswje 14/08/2007 03:52

Salut, Pascal!While we were at Goderich Celtic College last week, we played the false 'napthalie billette' tune for Andre Brunet, in case he knew the correct title. He thinks it might be another version of Napthalie Billette, perhaps from another region... elizabeth

Pascal Gemme 25/07/2007 15:52

Yes I will add the tunes I showed there on the site.
See you soon.

Elizabeth 25/07/2007 03:50

Salut, Pascal!Will you be posting the tunes you taught at the Sierra Fiddle Camp?I saw a video on Youtube of the performance there and it sure looked like you guys had a blast!  I'd like to learn that tune too.You can view the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6BdKSg3It8cheerselizabeth

elizabeth szekeres 03/07/2007 04:05

Brilliant tunes, Pascal.Could you also please post Tour des Iles? You played it at the beginning of the workshop and some of us are trying to learn it from the workshop audio recording. Would be nice to have the sheet music for that too.Thanks again for coming to Caledon to teach. We had a fabulous day.ciao,elizabeth

pascou 03/07/2007 06:41

Hi Élizabeth.  I'm taking note of your demand.  Le tour des Îles also has another name: air à Avila Leblanc.  The name 'le tour des Îles' was given to it by whistle player Daniel Roy who heard fiddler Bertrand Desraspe refer to it by that name (Bertrand is from Île de la madelaine).Take care.Pascal